Enepsigos was founded in 2016 by V.I.T.H.R and Thorns, at the time to be a studio Project. Shortly after Straff joined on guitars, and they began writing and recording their debut album “Plague Of Plagues”, which was released early 2017 by Drakkar Productions.
The album was well received in the underground, but the band itself felt they hadn’t really established what was to be Enepsigos. After the release of the first album the band parted ways with Straff, which was replaced by Rituul. Immediately they started working on their sophomore album, manifesting into the true core of Enepsigos. Dark, disgusting, twisted, ritualistic and violent.
For the second album, they also landed a record deal with label legends Osmose Productions and also signed with booking agent Flaming Arts Agency, as they now have a live line-up ready. The violence of Enepsigos will be spilled forth on stages, with pure hate and disgust.



V.I.T.H.R. - Vocals

Thorns - Drums, Guitars, Bass


PLAGUE OF PLAGUES, Drakkar Productions 2017

WRATH OF WRATHS, Osmose Productions, 2020